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Filing Your First Appeal?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've done this so many times we are well-versed in what must be done, and we'll help you every step of the way. Everything you need to know is on this page.


The faded original document is on the left.

Our clean and bound appeal court records are on the right.


The difficult to read original appeal document is on top.

Our appeal court records are clean, clear, and bound for easy reading.


We turn appeal court records like the ones on the left...

...into crystal-clear and easy-to-read referenced and bound documents.

Our Process

Step 1: Collect

Once leave to appeal has been granted and the notice of appeal has been filed, we arrange for the collection or delivery of all the relevant files.

Step 3: Scan

The documents are scanned at a high resolution and de-skewed. The scanned digital documents are then reviewed, page by page.

Step 5: Index

A meticulous draft index is created which becomes the backbone of the appeal record, and is prepared for the client's approval. A draft cover is also sent for approval.

Step 2: Quote

The files are checked to establish any missing documents and a quote is provided based on volume of work, state of original documents and due date.

Step 4: Clean

Scanned documents are cleaned and enhanced for legibility. Highlighting, stray dots, handwriting, lines, and dirty marks are removed.

Step 6: Check

The record is placed into volumes with headers, line numbers, and cross-references.  The document is checked for errors and typos, marks are removeda and an electronic draft copy can be sent for approval. 

Step 7: Print

Step 8: Deliver

The record is printed and sent to be professionally bound into books with our printers. The approved cover is printed on the front of the book with the volume details and court case number printed on the spine.

The appeal record will be packed carefully into boxes and made ready for collection or delivery. Any deliveries outside of Gauteng and Cape Town are handled by our trusted courier company.

Make sure to arrange delivery with our team when going ahead with your order.

What Our Clients Say

Judicial system
The court is indebted to the parties for preparing comprehensive heads of argument - particularly given the fact that the arguments presented were novel - the care taken in preparing the record, the meticulous indexing of the papers and the pains that were taken to cross-reference the review application and the record of the proceedings before the arbitrator.

Acting Judge Jansen

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